2016 Graduate, Sportsman and Intermediate (AUS) Sequences. 2016 AAC regulations Update. 2016 Membership Renewals  2016 VicChamps Accommodation Alert

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Hi Everybody,

Update on 2016 Sequences and Regs. (By popular demand!)

The new sequences for the non civa categories ( Entry, Graduate, Sportsman and Intermediate AUS) are up on the website www.australianaerobaticclub.com.au . Go fill your boots with these little gems courtesy of the AAC regulations sub-committee.

Talking of Regs Sub-committees, after extensive consultation with CIVA category competitors, we are very close to finalising to what extent the AAC will adopt the new CIVA competition format. As discussed in my last email, we do have a great challenge incorporating CIVA’s regs designed for single category competition held over 9 days, into our multicategory 4 day comps. However I am hoping that with some smart thinking and streamlining of competition administration practices, the final AAC regulations will remain trueish to the CIVA model.

As the Free-Known concept does not further burden competition administration, I am confident that this will be adopted by the AAC. So it is unlikely that any CIVA category pilot would be wasting their time in designing and practicing their own Free Knowns in preparation for 2016 VicChamps. As I can’t find the 2016 CIVA regs, I am assuming that they have not been released, along with the official Free Known figures. The Poms have released these ; www.aerobatics.org.uk/sequences?year=2016 based on the sequences published in this article ; http://civa-news.com/new-free-known-sequence-explained . So this will give CIVA pilots something to do until CIVA publish their 2016 Part 6 (power) Regs, at which time we will be able to release our AAC Regs.

2016 Membership Renewals

Unfortunately, the Online Store on the Website is still under construction, and renewals cannot be made in the usual way. You will be sent an email in the near future listing cost and AAC bank details for direct deposit. Sorry for any inconvenience.

2016 VicChamps – Accommodation Alert

Full steam ahead for 2016 VicChamps at Tocumwal, Mar 9-12, 2016.

Please, please organise your accommodation NOW!!!!!. ( See suggestions below )

  • The Vic club members frequent the All Seasons Holiday Lodges at Tocumwal. .  Nice and clean, 3½ stars with a swimming pool and only 1.5 Km from Tocumwal Aerodrome. Close enough to walk to the airport if you miss the bus but enough time to work out an excuse for being late to the briefing. Now is the time to make your booking so you don’t miss out.  First in best dressed!  Contact the All Seasons Holiday Lodges on 03 5874 2423
  • The Bakery Park Motel is also recommended. Call 03 5874 2490
  • Big4 Tocumwal Tourist/Holiday Park (03) 5874 2768
  • There are a number of other accommodation options available in town.  Please call the Tocumwal Tourist Information centre on 03 5874 2517 or visit http://www.toconthemurray.com.au/

Rumour has it that a ghost from many Competitions past will be returning to the AAC fold at Tocumwal. Hints for older members of the club are that he is from Maitland and he has a very big    moustache !

Hope to catch you all at Tocumwal.

Bye for now.

David J.

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