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Yes, that’s right, non-members can also subscribe to receive updates from the AAC.   All you have to do is subscribe via the AAC website here The flipside of this is, however, that members may not get all the updates unless they subscribe also – it isn’t automatic with membership.   So check with your acquaintances in the AAC and Chapters and make sure they are subscribed please.
The AAC also has a Facebook page where current news and pics may also be posted.   Again, not ideal, but these are our primary communication channels given we don’t have an active forum or similar.

Or you can just ‘phone me.

The WAC is done and dusted with Brad acquitting himself very well, placing 22nd overall after a tough full four programmes.   Complete results are at  civa-results .   18th in the Free Known, 21st Free Unknown #1, 25th F/U #2, and 24th F/U #3.   Given the disrupted preparation it is an admirable performance – congratulations Brad.   Mikhail Mamistov won his third WAC, and Rob Holland the 4min Free, again.

2017 AAC Regulations
The 2017 Regs are finally on the website – some appendices have not changed so still show 2016.   Go and download them and have a look, particularly if you are officiating or flying at the upcoming Nationals.

Australian Championships
Rushing up on us are the Australian Aerobatic Championships at Narromine, 1-5 November.   Only six entries so far…should we cancel?     Get those entries in please!   The locals have assured us sufficient hangarage will be available and are looking forward to our visit.

NSW Sate Championships
Just completed last weekend, results should be up shortly.   Good weather with wind from every direction at some time.    16 competitors Entry-Unlimited.    Thanks to everyone who messed-in to make the event happen.

Battery Deal

ASAC has negotiated with Jetline Aviation to be able to buy the EarthX Batteries at the Wholesale price, a saving of 15%. The batteries are Lithium and are suitable for aviation use (ETX680, 900 and 1200 only), weighing only about 2 kg compared to around 11 kg for lead acid batteries. Other series in the EarthX Batteries can be used in all forms of vehicles. More information can be found at:


In order to receive the discount, call Roger at Jetline on 02 6100 6666 and state that you are from Air Sport Australia Confederation (avoid using the ASAC acronym as he may not recognise it). The rates are not available via the Online shop.

Keep practicing, see you at Narromine.


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